General Renovations

General Renovations

There are many reasons that you may need house renovations. Perhaps your home is outdated, and you want to spruce it up. Maybe you are trying to sell your property, and you want to improve the appeal for buyers, or you may have bought a property that you are trying to flip. Whatever your reason for needing interior renovations, Maderaworx is here to help you achieve the home of your dreams.


If you want to knock down walls or add new ones, we have renovation experts that can help with this type of project. We can help you add closets or rip out a kitchen bar. Basically, any type of interior renovation, we can help you get the results you desire.

Structural work takes an extra level of expertise, and we have the renovation experts available to get it done. Framing, drywalling, painting, and finishing are all possible at Maderaworx.


There are a lot of elements of house renovations that you may feel comfortable doing some or all of the work on your own. Electrical work is not something that you should attempt in this manner. There is a real risk of injury or death, and any wiring that is done incorrectly could lead to a house fire. It is better to consult with Maderaworx and get your electrical interior renovations done by a professional.


If you are adding new bathrooms, laundry rooms, or kitchens as part of your house renovations project, then you will likely need some plumbing work completed. Adding the lines for a new shower or sink are a crucial step to getting a new master bathroom. Plumbing is another area that you may not want to attempt to DIY because there is potential for things to go catastrophically wrong.


The easiest way to transform any room is with paint. You can create a space that looks completely new and fresh by changing the paint color. Our paint experts will make sure that you have a smooth finish with straight lines, and we can help you find the perfect color palette for your aesthetic. We will help you choose high-quality paints that will look great in all the rooms within your house, and the painting experts will also advise you on what types of sheens are best suited for your various rooms. That way you can be assured that your home will look amazing upon completion and for years to come.


There are times when it is necessary to update your flooring. Perhaps you want to rid yourself of the 1970s shag carpeting or your hardwood floors have been gouged by your 100-pound dog. There is no wrong reason for needing a new floor, and we have a ton of options for you to choose from: hardwoods, carpeting, tile, and vinyl. Our flooring experts will help you choose the style of flooring that you prefer in each room of your home.


A house can never have too many closets! Let Maderaworx help you add the storage space that you need to keep your home tidy and organized. Add a walk-in closet to your bedroom or a coat closet in the foyer. Perhaps you need a linen closet for the bathroom towels. Whether you want an entirely new closet, or you just want to update the one you already have, we can help you get your closet life in order.

Whatever your house renovation needs, Maderaworx can help you achieve your goals. We are the renovation experts! We can help you with any type or size renovation project whether you are revamping an entire house or just simply redoing your master walk-in closet.