When renovating a home, many people want to add additional storage space, and that usually comes in the form of closets. You can make your home for functional and easier to keep tidy by simply having more space for storing your things. The interior of your closet should suit the needs of what you intend to store there. For instance, your master bedroom closet will not look the same as the closet meant to store your linens.

The main types of closets are walk-in, reach-in and wardrobe. All three are great additions to your home, and they can be added into just about any room within the house. While planning your project, you will need to choose which closet type is right for you, and you will also need to consider the lighting and fixtures that you will need inside your closet to make it useful. At Maderaworx, we have closet renovation experts that can assist you with making and implementing these decisions.

Walk-In Closets

Most people love a walk-in closet. In fact, some homeowners will even sacrifice a bedroom to give themselves the ultimate closet experience. Walk-ins work well in master bedrooms where two people are generally sharing the space. They also work well in kitchens for creating a spacious pantry area. Creating a walk-in closet will definitely depend on the space that you have available to devote to the project.

After the structural part of the walk-in closet has been attended to, you can worry about outfitting the interior. A large closet will need ample lighting, and you will want to make sure the space has a proper number of shelves, drawers, or clothing rods. The shelving styles can be made from various materials and in various configurations. Discuss your ideal specifications with your Maderaworx closet expert to make sure that you get the exact closet that you desire.

Reach-In Closets

Many homes will come with reach-in closets in the bedrooms. These are added without taking up too much floor space, and they can be outfitted to create the greatest amount of storage. Reach-in closets are also good for coat closets or linen closets. You can do floor to ceiling shelves or add clothing rods if you need to. Some people even add little cubbies, especially if they are planning on using the closet to store crafting supplies. Consider storage renovations that make your life easier when choosing how to outfit your reach-in closets.


In rooms that don’t already have a built-in closet, you can add a wardrobe with little fuss. Wardrobes can be simple pieces of furniture that are added to the room, but they can also be elaborate built-ins that become part of the room’s structure. Historic homes may not have closets in the bedrooms, and some modern homes have bonus rooms without closets. These are excellent places to add a wardrobe to maximize your storage areas.

Don’t neglect your closet space when renovating your home! You will need the storage to keep your household organized. The Maderaworx closet renovation experts can help you choose the perfect closet style to fit your family’s needs.