Decks and Sheds

Garden with gardening tools and wooden shed with closed door

A beautiful waterfront home has the water view from the back wood deck

Decks and Sheds

Exterior improvements to your house will always add value to your home – whether you are hoping to improve the functionality, enjoyment, or value.  At Maderaworx we have made a name for ourselves by providing both interior and exterior improvements for a variety of homes and thrive on the creativity required to make each unique project fit seamlessly within an existing home.  Exterior projects are some of our favorites, as they allow for ample flexibility in problem solving and tend to allow for some of the most creative and satisfying solutions. If you are considering any type of exterior home improvement, look no further than our expert team at Maderaworx to get the job done in the most affordable and rewarding way possible.  While we have tackled all types of exterior home projects many of our favorites have included decks and sheds – always catering to the specific needs of the home and homeowners.

Exterior Decks

While the goal of any homeowner is to make the interior of their house feel like a home, the exterior should not go neglected.   One of the best and most exciting ways to add both personal and actual value to your home is the simple addition of a deck. Given the immeasurable beauty of British Columbia it only makes sense to maximize the amount of usable outdoor space connected to your home, and intentionally built decks do just that.  Whether you want a small, simple, and private deck extending from a bedroom or a more sprawling option to serve as a gathering place for barbeques, parties, or celebrations, Maderaworx has you covered. We have built all types of decks for all types of people and enjoy little more than watching the pleasure sweep over somebody’s face when they first see how we have transformed their home’s exterior into a beautiful and usable outdoor space.  Call us today for ideas, suggestions, and quotes for how we can best utilize your home’s available space with the addition of a brand new deck.

Sheds and Outdoor Storage

When it comes to home improvements, sheds and outdoor storage or garden storage are usually not the first things to come to mind.  However, well thought out and well constructed sheds can add a lot of value and beauty to your home. The simple addition of added garden storage can help remove clutter from inside your house while also tidying up and maximizing available space in your yard.  At Maderaworx, we have immeasurable experience building such structures and would be eager to have a look at your outdoor situation to propose the best outdoor storage facility or shed to match architecture, usage, and available space.

Here at Maderaworx, we can stay plenty busy with interior home improvement projects. However, some of the most enjoyable projects we have completed have been exterior. Call us today to see how we can best improve the functionality, enjoyment, and value, of your home’s exterior.