Why do it yourself is a bad idea


I am pretty sure that almost everyone can recall or remember a time when they regret trying to do their own home improvements. What initially looked like a relatively simple and easy job turns into something far more challenging and technical than anticipated.  I have been to several homes where I have had to repair and completely dismantle a do it yourself home improvement job.  Unfortunately this resulted in the project being more expensive than if they would’ve just hired a contractor to begin with.  Often what ends up happening is people will start something and then not finish it so then they are left with a home that looks like it’s under construction but it’s been in that condition for a couple of years already.   Being a married man myself, I know that I will not have a happy wife which results in you having to listen to your better half complain about how much they can’t stand living in a partially finished home.  Remember that a house is a man’s castle but a woman’s domain.  She needs to function well within her domain to be happy and content.

There are various other reasons why do it yourself is not a good idea.  Should something go wrong with the work you’ve done you have absolutely no protection to cover you for the mistakes that you make. With a contractor you have protection through insurance and often with a warranty that is offered by the contractor.  You can save yourself a lot of headaches from damages that you can cause to your home during your own attempts to renovate it.

Have you ever noticed when someone is showing you their do it yourself renovations and your inside voice says, “oh yes I can tell you did it yourself.”? So remember this the next time you plan to do your own renovations. It’s embarrassing when others can see that you did it yourself. If you don’t have the knowledge or skills to renovate it shows.

Peace of mind is worth the expense of a reputable and skilled contractor.  You will get a result that you are happy with and feel great about your home.