Theatre Room

Theatre Room

Many people dream of having their very own space to kick back and enjoy the latest blockbuster film. Theatre room renovations have become more popular in recent years as the home systems have improved exponentially. At Maderaworx, we specialize in helping you create the theatre room you’ve always wanted.

When building a proper theatre room, you have to consider three main areas. The room itself is a very important aspect of the entire system. So too is the equipment that you are using for both picture and sound quality.

The Sound

Getting good quality sound comes down to speaker choice and speaker placement. You can find some truly technologically advanced speakers on the market. Since home theatre systems have come into vogue, the companies manufacturing speakers have really stepped up quality. Now you can get sound very similar to what you find in a commercial theatre. Maderaworx theatre room renovation experts will help you choose the ideal speaker package to outfit your room.

Once you have chosen the speakers, you now have to decide the placement of each speaker. Generally, you are going for a surround sound effect with some speakers in front, some on the sides, and maybe even some behind you. Where the speakers are placed will depend on the size and shape of the room, and where you will be sitting to enjoy the film. Again, this is an area our experts will be able to help you design.

The Picture

Of course, you will want a high-definition screen for viewing your films, but the size of the screen should be determined by the room and your viewing angle while in the seats. Too large a screen, and it won’t be comfortable to watch. Too small a screen, and you will feel like the experience is lacking. Our experts will help you choose the best quality screen in the right size to suit your budget, and they will help you find the precise angle and height for your viewing pleasure.

The Room

Finally, you may need a few alterations done to the room itself when you choose to do a home theatre renovation. Ideally the room will be rectangular in shape as square rooms can distort the sound. You also want to avoid a room with windows unless you are installing blackout curtains. It is best if the walls are painted a darker color so as not to bounce light and create glare. Plus, carpeting generally makes the best flooring option in a home theatre room. Some people choose to put acoustic wall panels on the walls to keep the sound and help prevent echoes. All of these renovations can be made with the help of the Maderaworx home theatre experts.

Adding a theatre room to your home, is a great way to add to your property value, and it will also help you keep your family entertained for years to come. Add a popcorn maker, and you can get the real movie theatre experience without ever leaving the house!