Kitchen Lighting

There are countless things that you can tackle when exploring a kitchen renovation project. From countertops to appliances, the world is your oyster when it comes to designing, renovating, and remodeling your kitchen. It is easy to get caught up in choosing state of the art appliances and the most elegant countertops, but at Maderaworx we often find our clients tend to overlook the important of lighting. Different lighting fixtures can add a lot to your kitchen space from both a function and aesthetic standpoint, and our team at Maderaworx has seen it all in terms of kitchen lighting installation. As you start planning your upcoming kitchen remodel or renovation be sure to give adequate attention to choosing the right kitchen spotlight and lighting for your home. Of course, as with any home improvement projects, the experts at Maderaworx are more than willing to help.

Ambient Lighting

Anywhere in your home, ambient lighting is considered the base lighting that makes that room usable. Typically this lighting is mounted in the ceilings, and like anything else in the home improvement world the styles and trends are always changing. Currently, recessed lighting is king but there are countless other options to make your new kitchen lighting sleek and modern as well. Our experts at Maderaworx will have plenty of suggestions for ambient lighting as it pertains to your kitchen space.

Kitchen Task Lighting

Kitchen task lighting is an often-underappreciated type of lighting that can really add a lot to your space. If you view your kitchen as a workspace, it is critical to have the places that you will be working well lit. In many kitchens homeowners have wisely opted to add task lighting under cabinets, making for a hidden and highly functional way to light the most used spaces in your kitchen.

Kitchen Accent Lighting

Kitchen accent lighting is your chance to add a little flare and style to your kitchen. These decorative features allow you to add an element of interior design to your kitchen while also providing an additional light source. In some homes it makes sense for accent lighting to crossover with ambient lighting, and our expert staff at Maderaworx can help you make the most efficient, affordable, and appealing decision for your kitchen space.

The kitchen is the hub of life in many homes and, as such, you should treat any kitchen remodels with the corresponding level of importance. Lighting is essential not only for creating a high functioning kitchen, but it is also almost solely responsible for creating ambiance. We have ample experience with kitchen lighting projects and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of finding the perfect fit for each individual house. Call Maderaworx today and schedule a time to meet to discuss the particular project you have in mind!