Complete kitchen remodels are often some of the most expensive interior renovations to tackle in your home. Brand new kitchens will undoubtedly add a lot of beauty, usability, and value to your house, however sometimes the funds or timing aren’t quite right to take on such a large project. Many of our clients at Maderaworx will opt to slowly chip away at larger home improvements instead of pulling the trigger on a bulk overhaul. Oftentimes these clients will even go through with a few renovations and soon realize that they major change they desired didn’t require such a big project after all. Kitchen countertops are the perfect example of this. While your kitchen countertop does serve a practical purpose, they generally provide more of an aesthetic feel to a kitchen than anything else. If you are hoping to change the look of your kitchen, take a deep breath and start small. Sometimes something as simple as updating your countertop will provide a brand new look that will satisfy your want for change. Our expert staff at Maderaworx has installed and replaced countless kitchen countertops over the years and will rely on this experience to discuss what you have in mind and provide many useful tips and suggestions about what may work best for your specific situation.

Resurfacing vs. Refinishing Countertops

There are many ways to go about modernizing your kitchen countertops, two of the most common being resurfacing and refinishing. Resurfacing your countertops is exactly what it sounds like. This process would require our Maderaworx professionals to remove and replace your existing laminate with a new one or, alternatively, covering your current countertop with something new. Refinishing your countertop can be viewed as less of an overhaul and more of a touch up. In this situation, our professionals would come in to repair digs or chips, sand away any stains, and recoat the surface to give it a fresh new look. Each option has its pros and cons that highly depend on your wants and needs.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Countertop

There are many options to choose from when picking a countertop. While granite countertops and marble countertops are popular they are not the end all. When looking at different options either on your own or with someone from our team, you should consider the cost, durability, required maintenance, and look among many other things. Choosing the right surface to have on your counters is largely dependent on how often you use your kitchen and what you are willing to spend for installation and maintenance. Again, these types of things are all very situational and best handled through a conversation with one of our kitchen countertop experts.

Give us a call at Maderaworx today to discuss ideas for your upcoming project, get a quote, and a schedule a time to get your countertop improvement project started!