From larger scale renovations to smaller projects around the house, the expert home improvement team at Maderaworx has seen it all. As such, we are also full of recommendations and suggestions that could reshape the way you are envisioning a potential project. Oftentimes, things may not be as bad as they appear and a simpler fix could save you a lot of time, money, and headache. Kitchen spaces provide one such example, as complete kitchen remodels are some of the priciest projects around yet oftentimes home improvement experts can reach a similar conclusion with smaller renovations and suggestions. We see this a lot with kitchen cabinetry and cabinetwork, and the experts at Maderaworx are always willing to provide recommendations to make cabinet renovation as efficient, affordable, and appealing as possible.

Cabinet Refacing

Many folks get excited by the potential of a major renovation and want to dive in headfirst and start ripping things apart. However, that strategy may not be in your best interest, as many projects can be assessed and completed at a fraction of the cost and commitment. Cabinet refacing is one such example. Depending on your home, you may be better off improving your existing kitchen cabinet situation than completely replacing them. Cabinet refacing is typically done by refinishing or painting cabinet exteriors, installing new veneer over cabinet fronts for a fresh new look, installing new doors and drawers, and even improving the interior layout. Clients are often impressed with how new a kitchen can look after taking this approach and are especially impressed that the overall cost can be as much as half the price of a full cabinet remodel. Additionally, cabinet refacing takes far less time and, as such, will not interrupt your daily life as long as other options.

Cabinet Remodel

For some homes a complete cabinet renovation is the correct move, and you won’t find a better team to do it than Maderaworx. The ultimate decision between refacing and remodeling comes down to underlying integrity of your cabinets. If your kitchen cabinets are older, not in great shape, or are not high quality to begin with than a full remodel may be the right move. It simply doesn’t make sense to reface something if the structure of it is not great to begin with. Our experts can help you evaluate this and make the best decision given your current kitchen situation. There are many options available, and it is all about choosing the right one for you.

In the scope of home improvements, cabinets are sometimes overlooked. However, well-constructed cabinetry can add a lot of value and beauty to a home. Our kitchen remodel staff at Maderaworx has a plethora of experience in cabinet renovation and is always looking to help homeowners achieve the improvements they seek.