At Maderaworx, our team works tirelessly through home improvement projects aimed at improving the look and value of your home while also serving a practical purpose. These types of projects are especially important in the most used and messy rooms of your house and, if done correctly, can help preserve and protect the integrity of such rooms. When considering used and abused rooms in the average home, the kitchen often comes to mind. While some homeowners cook more than others, it is undeniable that every house seems to gather some level of mess in the kitchen. Of course some areas are easier to clean up than others but, when planning a kitchen renovation, there are certain mini-projects you should make sure do not slip through the cracks. Kitchen backsplash falls into this category, and our experienced team at Maderaworx has installed countless styles in countless houses. As you explore your kitchen renovation needs, contact us for advice and suggestions for the best backsplash options for your home.

What is kitchen backsplash?

In short, kitchen backsplash is an extension from the top of your counter running up the wall in order to protect that wall from unintentional splashes of water or grime. Depending on the house, this utility feature can be a few inches high or go all the way to the ceiling. Given the amount of use that kitchens see, a backsplash is necessary to protect the integrity of the underlying wall from water, grease, food splashes, or knicks and dings from cooking utensils.

Every homeowner will have their personal preference as far as material goes and, like other renovations, each has its own set of pros and cons. Most backsplashes you will see are made of ceramic and porcelain tile, but Maderaworx is increasingly installing glass panels, stone slabs, exposed brick, finished wood, and metal panels to serve the same purpose but perhaps with a more modern look. Our expert staff at Maderaworx will be more than happy to sit down with you and discuss the finer points of backsplash and the best options for your kitchen renovation from both a function and aesthetic standpoint.

Maderaworx has developed a strong reputation for interior home improvements, and some of our proudest work has involved kitchen renovation. From complete overhauls to smaller projects, our team will stop at nothing to ensure you are more than happy with the final product. If protecting your kitchen’s walls or revamping its general appearance is on your project list, give us a call today to discuss what options may be best for you.