Kitchen Appliances

It should come as no surprise that kitchen renovations are a huge undertaking. The kitchen is one of the most highly used and intricate rooms in any house. It is far more than a simple open space such as a living room or bedroom. Kitchens have specialized lighting, plumbing, counters, cupboards, and appliances to make using the space as efficient and effective as possible. As such, starting a kitchen remodel or renovation can be a large step for many homeowners both financially and emotionally. Thankfully, our team at Maderaworx is here to support you through it all. From early meetings to help you decide on how you would like to tackle your remodel and create a kitchen that fits your budget restraints to follow-ups after the project is complete, the customer service at Maderaworx is unmatched. If you are planning a kitchen remodel or renovation one of the first things on your mind should be appliances. With all the work that goes into any level of kitchen improvement project, you want to make sure your appliances are modern so they, too, will add value to your home while also improving functionality. We’re here to help you make the most sensible decision when it comes to choosing your new appliances.

When is it time to replace kitchen appliances or make appliance improvements?

Perhaps you are planning a kitchen renovation but are unsure if it is necessary to replace your appliances. Many homeowners can get away with an almost entirely new kitchen without having to make appliance improvements. In general, though, there are a few guidelines to when it may be the right time to replace. If you have any safety concerns with a particular appliance, you should plan on replacing it. Additionally, if an appliance is acting up, the 50/50 rule is a good thing to keep in mind. If it has reached the halfway point in its life and repairing it would cost more than half the price of a new appliance, you are better off buying new. Additionally, if you are planning on selling your home or just really want to modernize, a set of brand new appliances can really help the cause.

No room in your home has more appliances than the kitchen, and no one knows kitchen appliances better than Maderaworx. As you peruse options for refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, trash compactors, etc. let our experts help guide you through various options and layouts to make the most efficient use of your kitchen space. Our experience and passion will prove invaluable.