Bedroom Lighting

When renovating your bedroom, there are a multitude of improvements and upgrades that can be made: new furniture, flooring, wall colors. The list can go on and on. However, one of the areas that shouldn’t be overlooked is your bedroom lighting. Let’s face it, a good portion of your time will be spent in the bedrooms of your home as it is where you retire for the evening and get ready in the morning. Children especially spend the majority of their time in the bedroom because it is their own personal oasis within the home.

Lighting fixtures can add so much to the room. Of course, there are the aesthetics to consider, but you also need to make sure that the lighting you choose allows you to function. When planning your lighting fixtures, you need to consider your workspaces. Will you be applying makeup in the room? Will the kids be doing homework in the bedroom? Will there be enough light to read a book in bed? You need to think about the function before you can choose the form. There is no need to worry or stress, however, because the lighting experts at Maderaworx are ready to help you navigate the ins and outs of bedroom lighting.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is the general lighting in your home, and it will serve as the primary source of light in any given room. It is essentially what allows you to use the room for your day to day activities. While the form the lighting takes changes with the decor trends, it is typical to have the ambient lighting coming from the ceiling. In most current construction projects, the ambient lighting is achieved using recessed lighting in many rooms inside the home. Recessed lighting gives you the function you need, but it is unobtrusive style-wise.

Recessed lighting isn’t the only form of ambient lighting, however. There are options that are just as sleek and modern. The lighting source could be flush mounts, semi-flush mounts, track lighting, ceiling lights, or several other options. This is an area that your Maderaworx expert will help you navigate.

Task Lighting

Task lighting is sometimes forgotten when a bedroom is designed, but it is actually a very important factor that should be considered. The task lighting will help you light up your particular areas of the room for better function. A lot of interior designers add task lighting at a desk or vanity for doing homework or makeup application. Another place for task lighting could be inside a walk-in closet or at the bedside for reading. Before you can choose if or where to put your task lighting, you need to consider the activities that are most likely to be performed within the bedroom.

Accent Lighting

Bedroom accent lighting is where you can really add your design flair to the room. Since you are relying on the ambient lighting and task lighting for visibility, the accent lighting can be chosen with form in mind. Obviously, it will still be a tertiary form of light, but it is okay if it is dimmer or focused on a single spot. That being said, some decor styles will have the accent lighting double as the ambient lighting. This can be a more efficient and affordable way to outfit your bedroom.

As you can see, making decisions about the lighting in your bedroom requires a fair amount of thought and planning. Lighting is an essential part of the function of any room, but it can also be a stunning design aspect, as well. You can rely on the experience of the lighting experts at Maderaworx to help you meet the needs of your lifestyle as well as your design preferences. Call today to schedule a bedroom lighting consultation.