Bathroom Lighting

Proper lighting is an invaluable and often overlooked, piece of any home improvement or renovation puzzle. There are countless ways to light a room and when style, trends, function, and utility are taken into consideration choosing the right option for your specific home and situation can seem particularly daunting. Thankfully our experts at Maderaworx have compiled years of experience improving, installing, and recommending light features for every type of room in every type of home imaginable. As you begin to plan or move forward with your bathroom renovation or remodel don’t hesitate to call in the professionals. There is nothing we haven’t seen in the home improvement business, and chances are good that we may have spotlight and lighting suggestions that you haven’t considered.

Bathroom Lighting in Layers

Lighting a bathroom is all about creating layers. This strategy will not only make the space that much more appealing but it will also allow for you to maximize the use and functionality of your washroom. In short, as you plan your bathroom remodel, you should be considering how best to implement ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is the most generic bathroom lighting and provides a generic layer of light to the room. Ceiling lights and wall mounts are common choices for this layer of bathroom lighting but, just because it is common, does not mean you need to sacrifice all creative enterprise. Task lighting, a second layer of bathroom lighting, are the special light features you will install to help with close-up cosmetic tasks like shaving or applying make-up. When mounting task lighting it is imperative for you to consider angles and shadows so as to make the most of your vanity or counter space. Finally, accent lighting can be utilized in your bathroom as a third layer meant to spotlight the especially beautiful or unique features in the room. The proper combination of these three layers of bathroom lighting will make your bathroom that much more beautiful while also increasing its usability.

There is always a lot to consider when taking on a new home improvement project. Oftentimes we see initial eagerness and excitement give way to apprehension, as the scope of a project grows with each little addition. Thankfully our team at Maderaworx has seen it all in the way of interior design and enjoy nothing more than helping homeowners wrap their minds around their project at hand. As you consider your upcoming bathroom remodel and the associated lighting choices that accompany it, let the experts at Maderaworx lend a hand – we’d love to help!