Bathroom Countertops

Taking on any renovation or remodel in your home is a big step. Large projects have a tendency to interrupt day-to-day life and, perhaps more obviously, create an added financial burden to homeowners. If these things have you concerned, don’t fear. At Maderaworx, we often recommend tackling large projects one piece at a time. This is especially the case in the more essential rooms of your home such as the kitchen or bathroom. Our experts work as quickly as possible so as to not interrupt your daily life any longer than necessary, and all of our projects are completed in the most affordable and impressive way possible. As you begin to consider remodeling your bathroom, consider breaking the project up into intuitive sections. Bathroom countertops and bathroom vanities are one such option. By replacing or remodeling your existing countertops, your bathroom will take on an entirely new look that may even leave you reconsidering the need to renovate the entire room. The team at Maderaworx has infinite experience with bathroom vanities and would be eager to help in your upcoming project as well.

What bathroom countertop material is best for me?

When it comes to choosing a material for your bathroom vanity, you have many options available. There is never one right choice but rather a spectrum that varies from one home to another with each homeowner having their own preference as well. Each option has its own pros and cons, and we will explain some of the more common ones here. If you are looking for an inexpensive countertop with many color options available, consider laminate. However, keep in mind that laminate countertops are lightweight and can be considered as the bargain or low-budget option. Ceramic and tile countertops are another common option that Maderaworx installs quite often. Tile is one of the more affordable high-end countertops and, like laminate, has a plethora of color and design options affordable. However, tile countertops are a little more fragile and can stain and discolor without regular cleaning. Stone countertops are a classic option that carries an air of elegance and is entirely unique to each installation. It is worth noting, though, that stone countertops are quite a bit more expensive and do require a bit more maintenance. Commonly utilized stones include granite, marble, soapstone, slate, and limestone. Beyond these options, Maderaworx also has a lot of experience installing quartz countertops, crushed glass countertops, and concrete countertops as well.

No matter the material you are considering for your bathroom countertop renovation, you can count on the home improvement professionals at Maderaworx to get the job done in the most affordable and timely manner possible – leaving your washroom with a fresh new look you can be proud of.