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Kitchen makeover
White Rock
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Welcome to our kitchen! We decided it was time for a kitchen makeover. We changed the lights over our island. Brass tones in light fixtures are trending. Choosing the right size light fixtures is important as it needs to be the right height, shape, colour and diameter. Once we replaced the light fixtures, it inspired us to change the colour of the island and lower cabinets. We had some stains that we couldn’t remove and it was bothersome to see these marks everyday. We researched different ideas. When we came across dark blue lower cabinets with white upper cabinets, we immediately loved this look. This is something we can easily do for you as well! This is an affordable solution to updating your kitchen without replacing your cabinets. We strongly caution not to do this yourself. You need to have the right knowledge, tools and skills in order for your cabinets to turn out right. We recommend hiring a professional for this as painting cabinets is far different than painting walls.